Contract Wars Hack Tool

contract logo1 Contract Wars Hack Tool presents: Contract Wars Hack Tool working now for Facebook account and start access to secret Contract Wars Cheats such as unlimited GP, SP and Credits. You can also unlock max skills, weapons set and boxes in Contract Wars Facebook Games

About game:

Contract Wars is modern free2play AAA MMOFPS developing as the browser-based application for Kongregate. Contract Wars is the world of the near futre in which all power decision are spent by the private military companies (PMC). Gain respect fighting side by side with your friends in full-fleged first person shooter with a great arsenal, RPG  features, leveling, achievements and toons of unlock. Play on diffrent maps in different maps in different gamemodes, earn experience points and unlock new weapons and equipment. C’mon, get into fight!

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Hack features:

  • Unlimited GP
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unloack all Weapons Sets
  • Unlock boxes like the special protection box
  • Max skills
  • God Mode
  • Contract Wars Aim Bot
  • Unlock Secrets Cheats

To download hack go

downloadAdd Contract Wars Hack Tool

Or mirror:

downloadAdd Contract Wars Hack Tool

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  1. carlos mora says:

    I need the contract wars hack tool serial key Please….thanks

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